Not my first time out in Detroit.

I kind of have a history with Detroit. I mean, we don’t go way back but I’ve lived and worked in Detroit before, made friends and learned a lot of lessons while I was in Detroit . It’s where I had some of the best experiences in my life anywhere from just chilling skateboarding at parks, Birmingham’s one of my favorites or going to epic electronic shows. I’ve made some solid friends while I was in Detroit and hope I can reconnect with them as well as make new friends as I continue to explore the city with the highest energy and the chillest vibes.

Ypsilanti is where I’m workingfor a company called Project 11:11 and in short they literally do everything you can think of or imagine that could be done in the entertainment industry. Project 11:11 Inc. has been in business for several years and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a couple big ones they’ve thrown. I feel blessed and fortunate to have got a job with them doing web stuff. What my career has been for the nearly two decades and what my passion has been all my life.

At the end of this month I’ll be moving to Ypsilanti and working for Project 11:11 as we throw more events in Detroit and the Detroit area.